Pétur Örn Eyjólfsson ⦁ Søren Oskar Duvald ⦁ Mads Alleslev Larsen


Semester project at The Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture in Copenhagen. The focal point of the project is the landscape as a compositional concept.
To create a landscape, like a network of parallel tracks in alternating media. The concept of landscape does not relate to the natural landscape in the narrow sense, but here refers to the landscape as an expression of a large open network of things.

The project's tracks are not continuous, but intertwine across a landscape. A network where the individual tracks reflect and develop each other. The project is never oriented towards a final goal, and it is not an attempt to elicit the most successful or complete composition, but rather a form of problem formulation. To investigate and qualify a way of composing. To identify the boundaries of the individual techniques and how to approach them.

Produced at The Royal Academy of the Arts; School of Architecture.
Dep.6 -Cort Ross Dinesen, Peter Bertram.

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