Blue Knock Down, White Knock Down


DesignMarch 2020 (June) Exhibited at EPAL Showroom, Reykjavik, Iceland 24-27th June 2020.

First exhibited as part of The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition Re-think, Re-use, Re-duce 2019
at The Danish Architecture Centre - BLOX, Copenhagen.
Open until 03-May-2020

Blue Knock Down and White Knock Down are chairs that the user assembles by hand. Compressed sheets of end-of-life cotton are CNC-cut into six pieces that are locked together with painted steel fittings. The chair is an attempt at using an industrially made upcycled sheet material to create a dynamic piece of furniture with a playful composition that aims for sustainability with regard to materials, production, transportation and aesthetic.

H 72/45 - W 38 - D 40 cm
Solid Textile Board (Really), steel

Photo top: Casper Sejersen

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